Antje Schulz

Renaissance of Impressionist Photography

Discover mystical landscapes and emotional worlds of gentle beauty. Experience the intensity of Impressionist Photography , defines new – mysterious, vivid and atmospheric. Enjoy the game  of light , shapes and colors. On these pages you’ll find my latest work, news and exhibition dates from the Artist of Photography: Antje Schulz.



All pictures you can see, are original photographys:

Press Votes:

“The gateway in to the world of fantasy” (magazine Mitteldeutsche Zeitung)

“Forests and landscapes in the most beautiful shapes and colors” (Potsdam TV)

“Mystic landscapes” (Tagesspiegel / PNN)

“Rare Pictures. Light Paintings.” (TV MDR Cultural Tips)

“The light dances, the colors explode. Poetic and dreamlike.” (Journal FolhaPe / Brazil)

“Exceptional exhibition” (City magazine Jüterbog)

“You can hear music in Antje’s pictures.” (Krista Beinstein, Artist & Photograph)

“She’s got great talent.” (Del Palmer, frontman of Kate Bush)

“Her work is excellent, perfectly arranged and makes fun.” (Kreativwunder, interview 2010)

“Light, nature and imagination.” (Magazine Friedrich)

“A journey of seeing and inspiration” (Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung)

“Forest worlds that amaze and enchant the viewer” (Neue Wernigeröder Zeitung)

“Antje establishes new aesthetic worlds in our immediate surroundings.” (Michael Fischer, Jazz Radio)

“The pictures are an insatiable journey into nature .” (Mahide Lein, Berliner Culture Legend)

“Impressive Photographs” (MDR Artour)

“The unique images of Antje are true masterpieces . They are evidence of high skill and perfection”.
Jens Dziewiencki (Dresdner Bilderwelten)

“Far away from normality” Radio Fritz (RBB)

“Photographs, that remind us somtimes at Monet and then again at Vincent van Gogh” (Magazine Thüringer Allgemeine)

“Technically perfect” (Magazine Prenzlberger Ansichten)

“Forest Symphony makes it sound” (Magazine Goslarsche Zeitung)

“Painted with the Camera” (“Stadtmagazin Events”)

“Her pictures touch in a sensitive way.” (Katrin Wrobel, Moderator & Miss Germany)


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