Antje Schulz

Selection – Abstract Photography / Experimental Photography

Special encounters with the moment The fascination of abstract and experimental photography – it is a never-ending spectrum of possibilities, fantasies and, ultimately, techniques that capture the moment in a special way. Characterized by various artistic influences, pictures were created that reflect new perspectives through an unusual, sometimes disconcerting expression.


Drawn with a wide-ranging “light brush” specially developed for these photographs, these photographs were taken. Long exposure photography was done in the dark with a flashlight. An interesting form of abstract and experimental photography, with the photographer acting in front of and behind the camera.Skyline – Camera Paintings

Abstract and experimental panoramic shots.

Future human

These futuristic photographs were inspired by Fritz Lang (Metropolis). The human being was abstracted in the form of a shadow or represented as a silhouette.

Abstract Shapes

Forms and experimental worlds photographed abstractly.

New ways of pictorialism

Based on pictorialism (19th century) inspired by Edward Steichen and Alfred Stieglitz, these photographs, which combine old techniques with new ones, were made. The abstract / experimental photography here as a time window between past and future.


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