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Impressionistische Fotografie - Impressionistic Photography - Antje SchulzThe secret garden of the my phantasie – how I see the world through my eyes

Individualism in Artistic Photography

Inspired by masters of Impressionism such as Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne, and the Romanticist Caspar David Friedrich, I had the idea to create mysterious landscapes with mythological fantasy worlds through photography. At the same time, I wanted to incorporate the high standard of abstract photography, particularly by not digitally editing the photos.

As a result, I developed my own photographic art form, creating poetic forest impressions and abstract nature photographs that invite contemplation in a time of change.

Love for the subject

Young primeval forests, tranquil landscapes, and forests in memoirs are captured in the images. Often, I venture with the camera into remote areas or onto lonely paths.

I aim to set stylistic accents for the viewer’s eye in “Impressionistic Photography.” The focus is not on image sharpness or blur, but on the variety of natural forms and lavish color intensities, combined with various photographic drawing techniques.

All impressionistic photographs (excluding the artworks) are not digitally altered. In my photographic work, I strive to merge with the mystery and uniqueness of a landscape.

Let yourself be invited on a journey into the world as I see it through my eyes. The photographs are accompanied by musical soundscapes, as my love for composing also inspires me alongside photography.


Born in the hinterland of the Baltic Sea with its beautiful landscapes, raised in East Berlin on the asphalt of the big city, I have been passionate about photography since my youth. What initially began with an analog SLR camera, with which abstract images were created primarily as double exposures and photo collages since 1992, later evolved into my own technique of abstract photography.

I am particularly interested in impressionistic and experimental photography and its creative, imaginative, or scientific techniques. Existing methods merge with self-developed ones. I pursue photography exclusively as a private artistic passion. Photographic inquiries cannot be accepted in principle.

In addition to impressionistic photography, street photographs have been created for 30 years, capturing urban life in contrast to landscape photography.

Quotes and aphorisms

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