Antje Schulz

Phantastic worlds by Antje – Impressionist Photography

Quiet landscapes, arcane woods and a new intensity of shapes and colours are to be found in the series: “Wald Sinfonie”.
Whereby the artistry, not to modify the images digitally and to create them with only one shot, features the high standard of my photography. For more informations read the article: Techniques of Impressionistic Photography

From now on here you can also see collagesn and artworks by Antje Schulz (read more).


“Forest Symphony” –  The mystic of the german forests. Pictures that sound – Impressionist Photography


“Little Imagination” – Impressionist Photography



“Menuett” – Macro Photography – Impressionist Photography & Collages


“New Worlds” – Artworks & Collages



“Water” – Abstract photographs






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