Antje Schulz

Impressionistische Fotografie - Impressionistic Photography - Antje SchulzThe secret garden of the my phantasie – how I see the world through my eyes

Individualism in Artistic Photography

Inspired by masters of Impressionism such as Claude Monet or Paul Cézanne and romanticist Caspar David Friedrich, I had the idea of creating mysterious landscapes with mythological fantasy worlds photographically. Simultaneously, the high standard of Abstract Photography should also slip in, especially not to treat the pictures digitally.

Subsequently, I developed an own photographic art form whereas poetic woods impressions and abstract nature photography emerged which wants to invite to pause in times of change.

Love for the subject

Young pristine forests, quiet landscapes but also forests in memoriam, new shaped due to current climatic changes, are captured in the pictures. Regularly my work with the camera leads me to secluded areas or on solitary paths.

I want to set a stylistic accent for the viewer in the field of “Impressionistic Photography”. In doing so, the attention is not directed to focussing or blurring but to the variety of natural shapes and excessive colour intensity, paired with several photographic drawing techniques.

All of my impressionistic photographies are not modified digitally. When photographing, I try to merge with the secret of a landscape and its peculiarity.

Allow me to invite you to a journey into a world the way I see it with my own eyes! My photographies will be accompanied by musical soundscapes, since, apart from photography, the love for composing surrounds me.


Since childhood, photography has been my passion. What started with an analog Praktica since 1992, where abstract pictures were developed as double exposures and photo collages, leads later to an own drawing technique of Abstract Photography.

I’m particularly interested in impressionist and experimental photography and their creative, imaginative or scientific techniques. Existing methods merge with self-developed. I use photography exclusively as an artistic passion. Photographic inquiries can not be accepted..


Besides photography I try to continue my own way in music. To me music and photography can be combined splendidly because both deal with the composing of a landscape. Photography with its representational and visual composition and music with its phonetic composition.

Member of the German Composers Union

Art, that moves 

Away from art market, I support with my works chosen projects that are engaged culturally, socially and are ecoconsciously aware. I look at art as a gift to the general public. Art allows freedom to reflect, analyze and create.

We can only hope that it will increaslingly move into the center of society, and that it can inspire to actively co-create a better future. Because each and everyone of us has special skills and talents that are worth discovering and promoting. Maybe interesting perspectives for artists that want to move instead of commercialize arise.

At this point I would like to say a special thank you to my lovelies and friends.



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